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Teardrop party earrings with colored stones

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Teardrop party earrings with colored stones

Party earrings with stones in different colors that will bring all the color to your most special looks. 18k gold finish with traditional butterfly clasp. Thanks to all the colors that make up these earrings, they will be the ideal complement for any outfit you have.

Our stylist recommends:

Become the perfect guest and wear these earrings like no one else. Dare to combine it with this fuchsia dress . You will be the center of attention!

- Color: Fuchsia, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Aquamarine and White.
- Stones: Zirconia, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Green Zirconia, Tourmaline, Blue Zirconia and Sapphire.
- Finish: 18-carat gold.
- Closure: Traditional butterfly.


At INVITADISIMA we offer you the largest selection of national and international brands so that you can dazzle at your next event.

Lavani jewelry is a unique Spanish jewelry brand. At Lavani they design each and every one of their jewels, using noble metals and natural stones. Each collection entails an elaborate production process. And it is this delicate and long process that gives essence to their jewelry.

Each jewel is made by hand, with the stones carved and set by hand. Sometimes, the "raw" stone is used, that is, as provided by nature. Other times, they carve it and add facets, to give it shine. Stone carving is a very laborious process, but it brings personality and sophistication to each of Lavani's jewellery.

For all this and much more, Lavani was a brand that could not be missing from INVITADISIMA. We love it! And we are sure that you will love it too!



Please note that as we work with natural stones, exact colors may vary slightly from the image shown. These are our 5 basic rules so that the bathroom and the jewel are always kept as new.

1. DO NOT APPLY COLOGNE OR CLEANING PRODUCTS In general, avoid contact with other substances that can make your piece darken or lose its shine, due to abrasion with chemical products.

2. DO NOT WEAR THEM WHEN DOING SPORTS The pH of the skin and the increased level of body sweating can cause the bath to be lost more quickly.

3. STORE THEM WITH CARE IN A BAG and preferably individually, so that they are better preserved.

4. REJUVENATE THEM BY PASSING THEM WITH A COTTON CLOTH You can clean them with a little warm water and neutral pH soap and a soft toothbrush, drying them afterwards with a chamois. It is important that you do not rub hard, as this can cause plating wear on gold plated pieces.

5. DO NOT REFRESH THEM IN THE SEA OR IN SWIMMING POOLS WITH CHLORINE Nor subject them to sudden changes in temperature, since natural stones can undergo changes in color.


Did you know that they made me in Spain?

They make me by hand with noble materials.

All jewelery is patented and you will not find their designs anywhere else.


Please note that as we work with natural stones, exact colors may vary slightly from the image shown.

Teardrop party earrings with colored stones

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