Do you want to sell on INVITADISIMA?

INVITADISIMA is the first e-commerce platform in Spain specialized in fashion and guest accessories for parties and events.

For the Premium section we only accept party clothes and accessories for special occasions and in case of If you are a haute couture firm or a designer, your products will go to the haute couture section.

Our team reviews each of the applications received, as well as the origin of the garments. Our goal is to offer the best national and international brands to our clients, ensuring their quality and exclusivity.


To sell at INVITADISIMA you must have high-quality images of the products and preferably silhouetted, but if you don't have them... Don't panic! At INVITADISIMA we offer this service to our selected brands. The product photographs that you send us must meet three requirements:

• Cover image

• Front and back image in case of clothing.

• General image of the complement plus detailed image


INVITADISIMA does not cannibalize your sales but rather helps you reach a much wider audience from which you currently arrive thanks to the free marketing service we offer. Also, by belonging to INVITADISIMA you have access to our marketing campaigns on social networks, the press department, stylist service and professional shootings.

Our clients find everything they need to attend their events in an environment where customer service and the best selection of national and international brands come first. A luxury shopping experience that will make your brand look endorsed in an online environment and unique in our country.

If you want us to give you more information, you can write to us at