If you have already found the bottom and now you are looking for a top, blouse, shirt or blazer to complete your look. We probably have available some of these garments that can fit you and you can combine them in a casual way. We also have different styles and fabrics so if you are looking for one of the most popular solutions of a flowing blouse in basic colors like black or white, where we have great options for you. Although if you are a person who risks more with their looks you can find tops with flashy prints or extravagant designs, so you can express your personality.

From INVITADISIMA we want your chosen model for your day to day can also be used in events, so the casual clothes we have available on the web can be used in your daily life. Because it is casual style does not mean that we neglect what we wear and in a way speaks of us to the world of our way of being.

There are women's casual blouses that combined with a long skirt and stilettos you can go to a formal event and no one would think you wear that same blouse to go to work or have a drink with your friends.