Fashion and beauty influencers are here to stay and it is inevitable to think that many times, they are responsible for many of us to discover new styles and get inspired for our daily looks as well as for special occasions.
We will keep this section updated with the most popular looks of the most successful fashion influencers of the national and international scene, so be sure to visit us to stay up to date!
Here we will be able to show you those brands that have chosen to work with these passionate fashionistas, generating fresh and original ideas for those who need inspiration for their next event.
We love to be part of this initiative with which you can get the look and be aware of the clothes and accessories worn by your favorite influencers. Miss Cavallier, Melyssa Pinto, Sandra Barneda, Macarena Silt, Helena Cueva, Rocio Camacho... are some of the content creators that you will find in this section and that we are sure will make you get the perfect guest look.
Brands like Lavani Jewels, Alenia, Maüi Official, Victoria Victim... have already trusted them and their style. And we are sure that we will be collecting here all those referents for them and their way of dressing. We will try to make it easy to find the right look with which to feel ourselves, and this section, among many other things, will help you to see first hand how that garment you are doubting looks like. It will be a first contact that hopefully will help you to decide!
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