In this section we have selected everything that can be seen as the bottom of a casual look, from pants to a skirt will be here.

As for skirts have always represented a woman with beauty, they have been with us since centuries ago, but it is today where we find great variety and styles where we can find our style. We can find not only short skirts or long skirts, but also midi skirts, which have come to stay, for its flattering part to both taller and shorter people making it look stylized figure of the wearer.

We also have sets of tops with skirts that are spectacular and some of our favorite influencers have chosen them for many of their appointments.

If you want to be on trend this season we suggest you choose midi garments like tube skirts with stilettos and a blouse to accompany the look.
Also another trend that is accompanying us this season are the skirts of tables, since they are very versatile for formal events as for your routine day, this style is great for thinner people because it makes them volume effect, however if you are a person who has a little curves, what would feel great are skirts with horizontal print or not very bright colors, which you can combine perfectly with accessories or blouses in bright colors to finish giving liveliness to your look.