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Orange velvet guest headband

Size: One size
One size
Color: U
diadema naranja terciopelo para invitada


Product Details

Orange velvet headband for guests at weddings or events.

This beautiful headband made of high quality velvet is sewn and molded by hand.

A stunning headband in the style of Pippa Middleton . Headbands have become one of the essential accessories of 2019 and we are sure that they will also be in 2020. They are no longer only worn by the aristocracy, but we can all feel elegant and sophisticated thanks to them.

This product is made to order and its handmade manufacturing time is between 7 and 25 days.


Orange velvet headband for wedding or event guests by Lauren Lynn London


orange velvet headband


At INVITADISIMA we offer you the largest selection of national and international brands so that you can dazzle at your next event.

We mainly love its quality and the finishes of all its pieces. Only use the highest quality materials. Its artisans have more than 20 years of experience to guarantee you unique and timeless pieces.


One size.

3d headband made of fine velvet in the style of Pippa Middleton


To have your 3D velvet headband like the first day, at INVITADISIMA  We recommend that you take into account the following tips.

To clean it, wash it with a cloth dampened with cold water. avoid soap and artificial components.


Did you know that they made me in Spain?

I am soft to the touch due to being made of satin and have a sophisticated and luxurious look.

It meets all your requirements for comfort and quality. I won't fall but I don't squeeze my head either

This headband is perfect for all kinds of events. As well as for graduation parties. You will love it and wear it for many, many years.


Orange velvet guest headband

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